OCTOBER 5, 2022

Seminar & networking meeting on ‘Optimising performance in poultry’ – Adj. to Poultry Africa Kigali, Rwanda

Flanders Poultry Cluster returned after the 2 year lockdown with a successful technical seminar and networking event at Poultry Africa Kigali 2022 by VIV.

The seminar allowed the attendees to exchange thoughts with the most experienced experts in the Flanders poultry community. The Flanders Poultry Cluster has the proud support of VIV Worldwide, Vetworks, Poultry World, Geldof Poultry, Evonik, Intraco, Poultec, the International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health and Roodbont publishers. The seminar was attended by 160 people.

Article Poultry World

Image: VIV Worldwide
Image: VIV Worldwide