Welcome to FPC – Flanders Poultry Cluster (Belgium)

Flanders Poultry Cluster brings the best of Flanders (Belgium) technical poultry expertise to global partners looking for top production results.
This is accomplished by bringing together technical experts and prime companies by organizing meetings and company visits.


Colruyt launches new welfare chicken ...


    At Flanders Poultry Cluster, our mission is threefold:

    1. To promote the Flemish poultry sector on a global scale, showcasing its innovation and expertise.

    2. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, sharing cutting-edge solutions that drive advancements in poultry production.

    3. To develop robust marketing and sales strategies in partnership with a cluster of poultry companies, enhancing global market reach and competitiveness.

    Poultry Trade in the EU countries


    FPC hosts a variety of activities aimed at fostering collaboration and driving industry growth:

    – Networking sessions at prominent poultry events, creating opportuninties for valuable connections and partnerships

    – Organized company visits that provide firsthand insights into leading-edge technologies and best practices

    – Dedicated support for business development tailored to regional needs, ensuring strategic alignment and sustainable growth